Izera - design


We created two C-segment vehicles - an SUV and a hatchback - both characterized by their versatility, practicality, spaciousness and a distinctive style. We paid attention to every detail, which provides our cars with a unique and independent character.


This 5-door sport utility vehicle is marked by a powerful body with a soft, elegant and modern look.

Distinguished by harmonious proportions and distinctive character, this car will give you a smooth driving experience and safety during both city and country journeys.

Izera - design
Izera - design - SUV
Izera - design - suv
Izera - design - suv
Izera - design - suv


Combining smooth, yet highly complex surfaces, the car has a sensual and modern appearance.

This 5-door vehicle is characterized by an appealing slim body and perfect proportions. What draws special attention is its elegant and dynamic bodyline: a true testament tothe unique nature of the car.

Izera - design
Izera - design - SUV
Izera - design - suv
Izera - design - suv
Izera - design - suv

to details

High attention to detail is why the new Polish brand Izera stands out from the crowd. This makes the vehicles so unique and independent. Powerful, distinctive embossed wheel arches will immediately capture your attention. Their strong appearance is softened through the minimal use of sharp edges and introduction of subtle transitions. The innovative form is underlined by proportions characteristic of electric cars: short overhangs and passenger compartment located closer to the front axle of the vehicle.

Izera - design

Spaciousness and comfort

Izera is a family-friendly brand, which is well visible inside the vehicle.

Pay attention to the spaciousness inside the car: this effect has been achieved thanks to a long wheelbase. This is what makes Izera cars stand out from the crowd of other compact vehicles. This solution has also created additional space that considerably enhances the comfort, for the driver and the passengers alike.

Because family matters most

The family-friendly aspect of the Polish electric cars is visible in a number of practical details that truly make a difference. That is why we have decided to enrich the vehicle interior in some features.

Izera - family matters most
Izera - Internal instep plates

Internal instep plates

that offer a great look and reduce the possibility of paintwork damage by kids getting off the car.

Izera - Children handholds

Children handholds

to help them embark and disembark the car on their own.

Izera - Inductive wireless charger

Inductive wireless charger

with an anti-slip mat and cup holders in the center console.

Izera - ISOFIX attachment points

ISOFIX attachment points

are located both on the bench seat and the front passenger seat.

Comfort in every detail

o us, the driver and passenger comfort is of great importance . Thus, when designing the Polish electric cars, we equipped them with the numerous comfort enhancing solutions.

Izera - multifunctional heated steering wheel
Multifunctional heated steering wheel featuring programmable buttons
Izera - adjustable energy recovery mode
Adjustable energy recovery mode (ECO+/ECO-)
Izera - ergonomic driving direction selector lever
Practical and ergonomic driving direction selector lever
Izera - two screens on the dashboard
Two screens on the dashboard, including the central touchscreen
Izera - customizable virtual displays
Customizable virtual displays
Izera - automatic air-conditioning
automatic air-conditioning
Izera - hatchback and suv

Best of the best

To design the Polish car brand, we invited the internationally recognized Italian design studio: Torino Design. Their track record includes projects for the most renowned automotive brands. The most reputable Polish car designer, Tadeusz Jelec, was asked to become a design consultant. Working with such team was an overlyinspiring experience and contributed to the creation of a truly unique nature of our cars.

Izera - italian design studio Torino Design
Izera - the most reputable Polish car designer – Tadeusz Jelec Izera - the most reputable Polish car designer – Tadeusz Jelec
Izera - unique style of our cars